Unten findet ihr die Einladung zu einer Seminarreihe zu Frauenpolitik für junge Grüne und solche, die es vielleicht werden wollen. Die Seminare werden auf Englisch gehalten, deswegen ist auch die Einladung nicht übersetzt.

The Brandenburg Young Greens are looking for 5 young people to participate in a series of seminars on the topic of gender and feminism who are younger than 26, live in Germany, preferable Brandenburg and are interested in green politics as well as in gender issues and how to reach more gender equality. You don’t have to be member of the green party nor any other organisation but you should have an interest in green issues and some idea of what the young greens are.

You don’t have to be an expert on gender issues either; what is requested is that you are interested in the topics, have an awareness of inequalities that still exist and the wish to overcome these inequalities.

The series
will consist of 3 seminars taking place in 3 different countries. The first two will be extended weekends and for the third one we will have a whole week. The first one will take place from 17th to 21st of October 2007 in Berlin, Germany. The 17th will be the arrival day and the 21st is the departure day. The second seminar is planned to take place in spring 2008 and the third seminar in summer 2008. Due to the financial proceedings we can’t give the dates for the 2nd and 3rd seminar yet, they might still shift a bit. In principle, applicants should take part in all 3 seminars. Since we know that it’s hard to foresee unexpected events and since we can’t give you the exact dates of the later seminars yet, there is no obligation within your application that you in any case will have to attend the later 2 seminars as well. However, you are expected to intent to participate in all three! If you are only interested in seminar number 1 but not in the 2nd one, you shouldn’t apply. If you would like to come to all
three but you are not sure yet whether it will work out for you; please apply!

The aim of the seminars is to give you a profound knowledge of gender issues and the skills to act upon this knowledge. We want to give you an international platform to discuss gender topics, to find ways of how to promote and reach gender equality and to put them into practise. You will learn about gender topics in the different countries and on European level but not only that: you will also get to know people from different European countries, learn together with them and develop your own ideas and projects together with them. Therefore we expect you to be interested in other people, happy to involve yourself and to commit yourself, to get in contact with other people and share knowledge and ideas with them.

During the first seminar we will clarify the basics of gender issues and feminism; talk about terms and the history of the movement, give a broad overview on the situation today and discuss where gender
inequalities are hidden and what role gender equality plays in youth work. For the second seminar we plan to go more into details about differences in gender equality in different European countries and what difficulties people and organisations face that address inequalities. We will discuss threats to equality and what could be done to overcome them. On seminar 3 we will have 6 days to discuss women’s rights in different fields and aspects such as women’s rights on the labour market, gender equality in the context of migration and the issue of representation. Finally we will start to develop our own ideas and projects which should be started off after the last seminar.
Note that in the context of these seminars we understand “gender equality” as equality between women and men (other gender inequalities are also important but cannot be discussed in the limited time we have) which we think has not been reached yet. On the contrary, women are still the ones that are discriminated against. Upon this
assumption we will base the discussions so we expect you to share it. If you want to discuss this basic assumption, please find another platform to do so as we will not do this at the seminar.
Note also that in all seminars we will also discuss the consequences of gender topics on youth work and that this will form an important part of the agenda. We hope that this will enable you to share your knowledge in your own organisation and that you can help your organisation to develop their youth work further.

Technical requirements are that you are under 26 and live in Germany plus that you are willing to attend all three seminars. It is also necessary that you are sure that you can attend the 1st seminar. The working language will be English so you need to be able to express yourself in this language. Accommodation as well as food will be paid by the organisers as well as 70% of your travel costs in case you take the cheapest means possible. The other 30% of your travel costs will
have to be paid by yourself. In order to apply, please fill in the attached application form and send it back by 16th of August the latest. Applications that come in later cannot be considered. Please feel free to spread this call to other people who might be interested. We will inform you by the end of August weather you have been selected.

For any questions please contact: STOPPSPAM_ska.keller@gruene.de (You have to delete „STOPPSPAM_“)